Setup postfix for single user home machine.
Receive mail for single user
Send out mail from single user (Thru smarthost)
(I do have credentials for a few online smtp servers)

Setup: Newish install of ubuntu-26 (still making settings etc)

I'm a long time sendmail user but recently have not been able to get
it working... as has happened many times, something has changed
somewhere in the chain and my setup no longer works.

After being told many times to ditch sendmail and use postfix ...
I'm only starting to try to understand postfix but my situation is:

Single user home machine on home lan.
No real domain (my ISP is comcast but does not offer Static IP for its
users .. or any kind of personal domain name)

I want to be able to pull mail from various pop3 and imap accounts.
Probably with fetchmail (I've used for many years)
AND be able to send mail out thru a smarthost, also done for many
years but it is becoming increasingly difficult to setup.

Smarthost is probabably  That is what I've been
using for some time, and I have a very old account with them for

With sendmail:
I used the smarthost method by masquerading as newsguy.
Not sure how to do it with postfix. Or if something 
else entirely is needed.


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