Sorry about the delay, I tried to reply on:
   gmane.mail.postfix.user but never say my replies appear so
now trying to reply thru the mailing list.

Marat Khalili <> writes:

> On 05/08/17 17:05, wrote:
>> Details:
>> Setup: Newish install of ubuntu-26 (still making settings etc)

Marat K wrote:
> Not sure what ubuntu-26 is, but I'm using smarthost configuration in
> Ubuntu. Local gurus can advice on installing from source, but it is
> not necessary.

A dopey typo... looking at something else... should be: ubuntu-17.04

Harry wrote
>> I want to be able to pull mail from various pop3 and imap accounts.
>> Probably with fetchmail (I've used for many years)

Marat K wrote:
> Nothing to do with postfix.

Well that's good news.

When I used sendmail, fetchmail would pass incoming mail to port25 for
sendmail to deliver. I don't know how postfix works but I thought it might be
the same way when used with fetchmail.

Harry wrote:
>> With sendmail I used the smarthost method by masquerading as newsguy.
>> Not sure how to do it with postfix. Or if something
>> else entirely is needed.

Ubuntu has interactive installer for package postfix that allows you
to create smarthost configuration. Did you try it? 

Yes, but that didn't help the masquerading part. What I said above was that
the SmartHost wasn't enough without masquerading.

I've been thru the config thing, repeatedly and have not seen any 
questions about masquerading.

I did find something in the docs but what I understood them to be saying
isn't working .. not yet anyway... still tinkering with it.


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