> Single user home machine on home lan.
> No real domain (my ISP is comcast but does not offer Static IP for its
> users .. or any kind of personal domain name)

    myhostname = localhost.localdomain
    myorigin = localhost.localdomain


> I want to be able to pull mail from various pop3 and imap accounts.
> Probably with fetchmail (I've used for many years)
> AND be able to send mail out thru a smarthost, also done for many
> years but it is becoming increasingly difficult to setup.

There must be lots of writeups for fetchmail doing this.

> Smarthost is probabably  That is what I've been
> using for some time, and I have a very old account with them for
> pop3. 

    # Include the [] to suppress MS lookups.
    relayhost = []

> With sendmail:
> I used the smarthost method by masquerading as newsguy.

This has examples to map user@localhost.localdomain to your ISP account.


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