> Date: Saturday, August 05, 2017 07:05:22 -0700
> From: rea...@newsguy.com
> Single user home machine on home lan.
> No real domain (my ISP is comcast but does not offer Static IP for
> its users .. or any kind of personal domain name).
> I want to be able to pull mail from various pop3 and imap accounts.
> Probably with fetchmail (I've used for many years)
> AND be able to send mail out thru a smarthost, also done for many
> years but it is becoming increasingly difficult to setup.

Generally port 25 is blocked (both directions) on Comcast dynamic IP
assignments. So, to send mail you'll likely need to configure your
MTA (postfix or sendmail) to use port 587/starttls (with
authentication) to send mail via your account on your mail provider's
server (or simply have your MUA do that and not bother with an MTA).

Comcast does offer a business-grade service that includes static IP
assignment and port 25 access.

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