Wietse wrote:
> I forgot about authentication.
>     relayhost = [smtp.newsguy.com]:587
> See http://www.postfix.org/SOHO_README.html for this and other 
> information of interest.

That doesn't seem to work yet at least not by itself but could also be
seriuosly inept pilot error. But before I start posting logs
and so on, I'm trying to get masquerading to help this work.  But must not
be understanding the docu well enough 

This page:
says in part:

"Address masquerading is disabled by default, and is implemented by the
cleanup(8) server. To enable, edit the masquerade_domains parameter in the
main.cf file and specify one or more domain names separated by whitespace or
commas. When Postfix tries to masquerade a domain, it processes the list from
left to right, and processing stops at the first match.


        masquerade_domains = foo.example.com example.com"

I thought that might mean I could do:
masquerade_domains = u0.local.lan newsguy.com

But still get complaints from smarthost about u0.local.lan not recognized.

I think I will try 
  masquerade_domains = newsguy.com
Might be more like what is expected to do.

I'm still tinkering so should know soon.


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