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Nothing to do with postfix.
Well that's good news.

When I used sendmail, fetchmail would pass incoming mail to port25 for
sendmail to deliver. I don't know how postfix works but I thought it might be
the same way when used with fetchmail.
Well, AFAIU postfix is only an SMTP server. You'll need something like dovecot to actually hold your incoming mail and make it accessible to your mail client. Since you already have external IMAP accounts I'm not sure this extra local server is necessary, but if you wish try dovecot, worked for me. Another thing that worked for me is offlineimap for synchronizing contents of IMAP accounts directly, without intermediate SMTP server.

Yes, but that didn't help the masquerading part. What I said above was that
the SmartHost wasn't enough without masquerading.
Sorry, can't say anything about masquerading: I don't use it, all my hosts have static FQDNs. Since postfix have own notion of hostname that can be different from system's, it is possible that you won't need masquerading too actually.


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