On 21 Jul 2012, at 17:56, Jon Lockhart wrote:

> Dear Rob,
> Thank you for returning my email and the advice you have given.
> After getting more into the installation I realized that Motiff was not 
> available for Cygwin and I was going to have no interface to work with. I 
> thought maybe there was some terminal commands I could use to run ProofPower, 
> but there as well there was no dice.

You can run it from a terminal and you can set a flag so that the output is all 
in ASCII, but the ASCII format was mainly designed for interchange and I 
wouldn't recommend it for interactive use.

> I have moved on to looking at installing a VM. I am familiar and have used 
> VM's plenty over my albeit short career, but I have never personally 
> installed one. I was actually looking at Virtual Box, and was a little 
> concerned b/c just like you I am using an XP laptop for my work since I 
> travel to and from the lab and my apartment. I am glad to see I can get away 
> with just using 10 to 15 GB. Since this is a much older laptop, do you think 
> I will have an issue with only have 1 GB of RAM. If so I can use my desktop 
> since I have plenty of performance there.

> Rather than Ubuntu, do you think a Fedora distro would be sufficient for the 
> task?

Fedora and 1GB of RAM should work fine.



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