I have been running ProofPower under Fedora for many years now. A long time ago, Rob and I established that the following yum command gave us the prerequisites needed for ProofPower (apart from OpenMotif itself, which is not properly open source) after a standard Fedora install:

yum install \
  gcc-c++ \
  polyml \
  texlive-latex \
  libXp-devel \
  libXext-devel \
  libXmu-devel \
  libXt-devel \

It would be useful to know if anything is missing after entering this command, which you need to run as root. (I believe the package gcc-c++ will give you g++.)

There are a couple of things Fedora users need to know though.

1. OpenMotif is available via yum from the RPM Fusion repository. If you add the RPM Fusion repository to your system, you mustn't use the version of OpenMotif that it supplies - see my previous message here for details:
If you don't use RPM Fusion, don't worry about this!

2. With Fedora 16 and later, the GNOME 3 shell is the default and this breaks the Motif Text widget, making Xpp very cumbersome to use. (At least on x86-64 platforms.) The solution is to use fallback mode: in 'System Settings' -> 'System Info' -> 'Graphics', set 'Forced Fallback Mode' to 'On'. This issue has now been officially noted as an OpenMotif bug here:



On 31/07/12 21:35, Jon Lockhart wrote:
Hey Rob,

Thanks for the link to motifzone, that worked immediately and I was able
to get the latest binary for open motif installed on my Fedora 17 image.

I am now currently having trouble with getting polyml to install.

After running the config file I try to run the make file and it says
that command g++ is not found. I did a yum install of gcc and gpp to
make sure I had a c and c++ compiler installed on my fedora and it
appeared to have installed both packages fine. Any thoughts on this?
Sorry for asking for all the help, my linux is pretty rusty.

Jon Lockhart

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 2:58 AM, Jon Lockhart <
<>> wrote:


    Thank you very much for the site. I will give it a try as soon as i can.


    On Jul 30, 2012 2:48 AM, <
    <>> wrote:


         > Rob,
         > I was wondering, you know of any problems with the download
        site for
         > OpenMotif?
         > I got Virtual Box and Fedora 17 working on my desktop, my
        laptop did not
         > have enough RAM to run it, and I got ProofPower and ML
        downloaded no
         > problems, but seems you get a blank page when getting
        OpenMotif 2.3.3. I
         > contacted there list but have not heard back all week.
         > Any ideas?

        Try <> rather than <>



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