I ran the original yum setup you gave me. Unfortunately the polyml from the
yum install was not placed in the user/lib path, and I could not find it,
so I just built a copy of 5.4 myself and was able to get that installed no
problem in the /user folder.

Now I believe I am running into the issue you mentioned about Motif. I went
to and downloaded the latest version which was an rpm and I
grabbed the Fedora 12 version since it was the closest version to 17. The
rpm installed just fine, though some compatibility packages had to be
downloaded and installed as well. Now unfortunately the configure file for
ProofPower is not finding Motif installed.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Should I not be using the rpm
of the download site?

Looks like this is the last real hurdle.

Jon Lockhart

On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 7:57 PM, Phil Clayton <>wrote:

> On 01/08/12 00:07, Phil Clayton wrote:
>> yum install \
>>    gcc-c++ \
>>    polyml \
> Of course, you can leave the package polyml out if you're building it
> yourself.  I believe the Fedora 17 repo supplies 5.4.1.
> If you always want to manage your own versions of Poly/ML, you can ensure
> that yum never installs the package polyml from any repo by adding polyml
> to the line starting
>   exclude=
> in /etc/yum.conf , e.g.
>   exclude=polyml
> In my case, I have
>   exclude=openmotif*,lesstif*,**polyml,mlton,ocaml*
> Phil
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