On 18 Aug 2012, at 22:14, Jon Lockhart wrote:

> Rob,
> I got a trouble shooting question for you. Been going through the learning 
> documentation this weekend, currently still on the first tutorial wanting to 
> make sure I soak it all in before moving to HOL and Z, but I seem to be 
> running into a problem with one of the commands. Every time I try to use the 
> save_and_quit() ML command in the execution Window the whole system freezes 
> up.

Thanks to Jon for pointing this out and proviing further details. I now have a 
fix for this problem, whereby what caused a busy wait on some operating systems 
will actually stop xpp responding to the user on a recent Debian release. I 
have attached a patch which should work on any version downloaded in the last 
18 months or so.

To use the patch, copy it into /tmp say, then go to your ProofPower build 
directory (where config and install live) and do:

        gunzip -c /tmp/patch-2.9.1w2.rda.120821.gz | patch -p1 -b -B orig/

then do:

        PPTARGETS=xpp ./configure
        ./install -d



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