At 01:03 PM 2/4/01 +0000, Steve Wiseman wrote:
>I'm about to stop using the power pintype - it doesn't seem to gain me
>anything. The plan is to use in & out instead. This will let the netlist
>checker confirm that there's a driver to each power net, which is
>something that I don't currently get with the power pintype.
>Can anyone see a down-side to this plan?

Hmm... What we really need are power-input and power-source pin types.

Okay, the down side. One will need to edit power pins on connectors from 
passive (which they normally would be) to output. Protel does not make this 
easy; one will need a separate library part for every configuration. One 
could, however, place a power source pin (see next paragraph) next to each 
such pin, thus supplying the source.

Instead of using power ports, one will need to use special power parts, 
basically single pins with the output attribute. Not a bad idea, since they 
will not automatically become global. But I think there might be 
complications with the net list, which would contain these pins.

Okay, power-input pins are essentially for ERC purposes just like any other 
input pin. So changing the present power pins to input pins would cause an 
error message to arise if there were no power source (which would be an 
output pin or a power pin). This could be done globally for an entire 
library. I don't see a down side to that. Perhaps someone else will.

This would allow, for example, an amplifier output to be used as a power 
source, something which I have seen. Yet it would not cause problems with 
the power objects, which are inherently power. One could not, however, 
place a power object on that net. One would have to use regular net 

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