On 12:50 PM 4/02/2001 -0800, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
>At 01:03 PM 2/4/01 +0000, Steve Wiseman wrote:
>>I'm about to stop using the power pintype - it doesn't seem to gain me
>>anything. The plan is to use in & out instead. This will let the netlist
>>checker confirm that there's a driver to each power net, which is
>>something that I don't currently get with the power pintype.
>>Can anyone see a down-side to this plan?
>Hmm... What we really need are power-input and power-source pin types.
>Okay, the down side. One will need to edit power pins on connectors from 
>passive (which they normally would be) to output. Protel does not make 
>this easy; one will need a separate library part for every configuration. 
>One could, however, place a power source pin (see next paragraph) next to 
>each such pin, thus supplying the source.
>Instead of using power ports, one will need to use special power parts, 
>basically single pins with the output attribute. Not a bad idea, since 
>they will not automatically become global. But I think there might be 
>complications with the net list, which would contain these pins.
>Okay, power-input pins are essentially for ERC purposes just like any 
>other input pin. So changing the present power pins to input pins would 
>cause an error message to arise if there were no power source (which would 
>be an output pin or a power pin). This could be done globally for an 
>entire library. I don't see a down side to that. Perhaps someone else will.
>This would allow, for example, an amplifier output to be used as a power 
>source, something which I have seen. Yet it would not cause problems with 
>the power objects, which are inherently power. One could not, however, 
>place a power object on that net. One would have to use regular net 
>Abdulrahman Lomax

To solve the connector issue:
Why not add a directive that can "modify" a passive into a another sort of 
pin type.  This would allow connectors to be fully "typed".  The directive 
would only work on a passive pin and would allow the passive pin to take on 
a different type.  An error would be generated for any attempt to override 
a non-passive pin.

Solves you issue with variants of connectors *and* allows much better ERC 
than we currently have for connectors as well as supporting power-input and 
power-output variants on connectors to allow full ERC (if you can be 
bothered setting it up - which I usually can.)

(We are getting some server lag issues here again as I suggested something 
very similar to what Abd ul-Rahman has suggested (source and sink power 
variants) about half an hour ago but I didn't think as far through as he has.)

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