My apologies to the members of the list, and especially to Andrew Jenkins.

It appears that the trojan I picked up must have come from elsewhere. I have 
tried reopening the schematic file in question and cannot repeat being 
It must have been a coincidence that the trojan showed itself at the moment I 
opened the schematic. I run a fairly secure system here with a hardware and 
software firewall. I also run active virus checking on every executable file 
written to my system. It's hard (but not impossible) for someone to have 
deposited a trojan on my system. It also may have been here, but dormant, for 
some time. It could have activated itself or something I did at the time may 
have activated it as well.

Again, my sincere apologies for the false alarm.

Matt Pobursky
Maximum Performance Systems 

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 01:22:00 -0600, Matt Pobursky wrote:
>I hope it really WAS just a screwup and nothing malicious. Just for grins, I 
>went ahead and opened the schematic file on an isolated machine and found that
>it delivered a nifty little trojan...
>I just got done cleaning my system and documenting what I found along the way.
>It did appear to be benign, but was a little disturbing nonetheless. It 
>appeared to deliver a "phone home" type trojan as it places an application in 
>the system startup (and a few other places) that attempts to go out to the 
>'net. (Thanks ZoneAlarm!) It kind of smelled like a DDOS client to me. Any 
>Anyone else on the list who might open this file by mistake and want details 
>what I found -- please feel free to contact me directly.
>Matt Pobursky
>Maximum Performance Systems

Matt Pobursky
Maximum Performance Systems

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. --Benjamin Franklin, 1759
"Don't Tread On Me!"

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