I need some help with a Protel installation problem. I'm guessing some others 
on the list have run into the same problem and have figured out exactly how to 
do this.

My main system has two removable drive bays for C: and D:. I have been running 
Win98SE (on C:) and Protel 99SE SP5 (on D:). I installed Win2K on an additional 
drive C:. Then re-installed all my applications for Win2K. Now I can boot to 
either OS by just changing the C: drive. All works fine, EXCEPT Protel99SE.  

Since I had SP5 installed with the Win98SE, I cannot re-install SP5 under 
Win2K, the install program says it's already installed. So I went back to 
Win98SE and uninstalled SP5. Back to Win2K and installed SP5, then Protel99SE 
runs fine in Win2K.

The problem now is that Protel99SE will not run in Win98SE any longer. I get a 
couple different exception errors (from Protel thinking SP5 is NOT installed, 
I'm sure).

It's a catch 22 -- how can I install SP5 in BOTH OS's? It seems that the Protel 
installer will not allow this, and without it I must choose one OS or the other 
to run Protel99SE. I'd really like to run it in both, since ALL my other 
applications run fine this way.

Any ideas or suggestions how to accomplish this? Have any of you done this 
before, and if so, how did you do it?

Thanks for any ideas,

Matt Pobursky
Maximum Performance Systems

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