On 01:51 PM 19/02/2001 -0800, Peter Bennett said:
>I was told by our PC guru that programs had to be installed separately
>for Win98 and Win2000, so that's what I did.  Drive C is FAT32, and has
>Win98 on it, along with Protel, MS Office, Netscape..... installed under
>Drive E is NTFS, and has Win2000, Protel, MS Office, Netscape....
>installed under Win2000.

  "...had to be installed separately..." ... I think this is wrong.

It is not necessary to install into different locations but there are 
possibly some reasons why one would want to do so.  One reason is that 
uninstalling under one OS can kill your chance of uninstalling under the 
other (unless you play tricky games with backup directories etc - I do but 
this is not for everyone.)  It is possibly easiest to simply pay a few 
hundred $ and get another bigger drive.

I have Win98 and Win2k and Office, Protel etc etc are re-installed into the 
same directories for both OSes.

It used to be that to dual boot WinNT and Win95/98 that you basically had 
to use FAT16 throughout as NT couldn't access FAT32 and 95/98 couldn't 
access NTFS drives.  There are 3rd party drivers to overcome these 
limitations but I have no idea of reliability (www.sysinternals.com).

But Win2K can access FAT32 so unless you need the security of NTFS you can 
easily run dual boot and all partitions FAT32 (what I do).

There are some applications, I believe, that really only work if installed 
into separate locations for each OS but Protel doesn't seem to be one as 
far as I can tell - with lots of testing to date.

Of all the programs I use, upgrading Protel under both OSes is the worst 
due to the fiddle with files to try to get it to recognise that the service 
pack has not already been applied under the second OS.


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