I just found an answer to 99% of the PCB library compilation problem.  I was
trying to write a ClientBasic progrom to do that but the functions are too
limited although I was close.  While working on it I accidentally found that I
could copy/paste the ENTIRE current library to a PCB.

    First go into the Library Editor (not the PCB component browser), click on
the first part then shift-click on the last part to select the entire list.  Now
right-click on the selection and click Copy.  It will help speed things up by
turning off DRC now.  Next, go to the PCB and paste the parts in by using
CTRL-V.  They will all be stacked on top of each other so select the group of
parts and use the "Arange selected compontent within defined area" tool and the
"Increase vertical/horizontal spacing of selected components" tools in order to
seperate the parts.

  The only thing left to do is find an easy way to show all of the footprint
names.  I am trying to figure out how to automatically copy the footprint text
into the Designator field using macros where I could then globally unhide and
autoposition the text.
    Is there a .footprint Special String or another easy way to do this?

Eric Albach

Michael Biggs wrote:

> Greetings all,
>  Does anyone know HOW or have a way to place all your PCB footprints on a
> blank board (no connections, no netlist)? It would be so tedious to place
> each part one-by-one. I wish to do this for a few small libraries and then
> print a 1:1. I am organizing my libraries.
>  Also, Does anyone feel like sharing how they do Library design and control?
> Thanks in advance,
> MichaelB

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