> I just found an answer to 99% of the PCB library compilation problem.
> I was trying to write a ClientBasic progrom to do that but the functions
> are too limited although I was close. While working on it I accidentally
> found that I could copy/paste the ENTIRE current library to a PCB.

As others have already said, BRILLIANT!

> The only thing left to do is find an easy way to show all of the footprint
> names. I am trying to figure out how to automatically copy the footprint
> text into the Designator field using macros where I could then globally
> unhide and autoposition the text. Is there a .footprint Special String or
> another easy way to do this?
> Eric Albach

> Easy enough, I would think, to copy the footprint field into the comment
> or designator field using the spreadsheet. Intuitively, I would suggest
> the comment field. Designators get used for other things and sometimes
> unused areas of the program are better left unexplored....
> One could also do the same thing with an off-line batch utility processing
> the ASCII database....
> Abdulrahman Lomax

I agree that it would be preferable to copy each component's Footprint
string to its Comment field, rather than to its Designator field. Once so
copied, the autopositioning feature could be used, in conjunction with the
global editing feature, to position the Comment string in the desired
location for each component.

I do not think that it would be possible to use a macro to copy each
component's Footprint string to its Comment field, but this could
alternatively be done by one of the methods suggested above by Abdulrahman
Lomax. However, I believe that the SDK files that Protel has released (to
those who are interested in using these, and who agree to the NDA associated
with acquiring these) could be used to create a Process within an addon
Server which does achieve this outcome, and on an "on-line" basis. Although
I am currently involved in creating an initial version of a PCB "inverting"
utility (as time permits), to create such a Process should be pretty
straightforward, and should not take too much time to develop and release.
So I will look at releasing version 6.6.1 of my PcbAddon Server in the
not-too-distant future, which will have this additional Process provided.
Watch this space ...

Geoff Harland.
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