> Yes 2.8 has the ability to place all components.  There was also an add-on
> library browser for V3 but this has not been released for P99SE.  The
> company that made the browser is http://www.eda.co.uk.
> This is now one of the most commonly requested features.  An add-on server
> to dump a library to a PCB even all jumbled on top of each other would be
> useful and not hard to write - for someone with the time and

> Ian Wilson

I concur that that aspect of 2.8 could be reproduced by an user with the
time, enthusiasm, and ability to create an addon server. Reviewing one of my
hobby horses, another feature I would like provided re Pcb Library files is
support for ASCII format files (during save/load/link/import/export
operations), and I strongly suspect that that feature could similarly also
be provided by a sufficiently determined and capable user. (However, if
Protel were to provide this feature, then its implementation and usage could
be made more "user-friendly" than that of a "roll-your-own" addon server.)

It is currently possible to search schematic files to find a particular
component (including support for "wild card" characters). It would also be
nice to have a similar feature provided to search Pcb Library files to find
a particular footprint. (If Pcb Library files could be saved in ASCII
format, such files could be searched by an user-created utility. Once again
though, such a searching procedure would be more "user-friendly" if
implemented by Protel; and if properly implemented, Pcb Library files would
not have to be saved in ASCII format in order for the feature to work

And on another matter, I have recently confirmed that the Paste Array
feature does not work fully (as it did in 2.8) when it comes to creating a
two-dimensional array of pads. (The pads themselves are created OK, but the
designators assigned to each of these do not always match what you want each
of these to be.) Although intelligent usage of the component creating Wizard
and global editing feature (if required) can overcome this deficiency,
rectifying that deficiency would be better yet...

Geoff Harland.
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