On 03:30 PM 14/03/2001 -0800, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:

>For those of us who have been using Protel for a longer time than the life 
>of 99SE, the component clearance rules are an addition, nor a shortcoming. 
>Until quite recently, we had no component clearance checking.
>It is not a mature feature. For example, it should be possible to define a 
>negative clearance, which would allow a defined overlap. If the overlay 
>outline of a part is drawn at MMC, DRC will consider the part outline to 
>be MMC plus half the track width of the outline. So parts which are butted 
>together, which is fine if the outline is MMC, will display a clearance 
>error. It should be possible to suppress this easily by allowing a 
>negative clearance equal to half the track width.

Protel has had component clearance checking for many many years.  The 
solution to the Fabian's problem is to set either the multi-layer or full 
component check method in the component clearance design rule.  Component 
clearance checking used to be too simplistic (equivalent to the current 
quick check) but is now useful - at least much of the time.

I have a beef with the clearance design rules - I would like to be able to 
say that two components can overlap (so apply a negative gap or check a box 
saying overlap is OK).  Can't do this at the moment.  This is useful for 
option fitting and/or dual footprints to solve component sourcing problems.

Suggestion: Component Clearance rule add option to allow overlap and 
support negative gaps (controlled overlaps).

>As to the situation described by Mr. Hartery, I have generally turned off 
>component clearance checking. But I would think that if one defines 
>component classes for top and bottom components, one could set the 
>clearance rule so that top components were checked against top components 
>only, etc.
>But I have not actually tried it.

No need - see above and my previous post on the subject.

>There should be a quick way to make top and bottom component classes and 
>assign them to already placed parts. Anyone know one?

Design|Classes click Component tab, click Class Generator - take it from 
there.  Never tried it myself.

Ian Wilson

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