Hi Terry,

sorry, but I do not at all agree with you.

>As for showing no connect pins - it is about as useful as adding a few
>ficticious components to the schematic and marking them as not fitted and
>nothing to do with the design?

These pins are not fictitious and have everything to do with the design.
May be it is not absolutely necessary to show them in all cases, but it is
helpful for checks. For example I defined some weeks ago in a library a
northbridge which exists in 2 versions: with and without an additional PCI
bus connection. Some 60 pins of the 480 pin BGA are defined as NC in one
version, as signal pins in the other. I find it explicitly useful to show
them as unconnects in the version without second PCI bus.

>Elsewhere in this thread Ivan Baggett said
>>[Off topic]  I also hate assembly language code written with macros.
>>concept (hidden code).  It makes it very difficult to figure out what's
>>really happening.
>This is quite telling, and actually exactly wrong - macros and hidden code
>make it easy to figure out what is going on - that is the whole point of
>using them and the founding principle of all Object Oriented Languages.

I am just a hardware designer, so I would never dare judging the founding
principle of Object Oriented Languages. But I spend hours with a logic
analyzer searching for strange effects happening with microcontroller port
pins, just because my software colleague swears he never touched that pin
setting in his code, but it changes state when it should not. He was right,
the code he had written himself was clean, but the macros written by
someone else touched it. Macros and hidden code make it easy to figure out
what is going on? I doubt it, as far as hardware-related software is
concerned. But may be you did not notice that Ivan was talking about
assembler. IMHO this is not an Object Oriented Language. ;-)



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