On 02:09 PM 14/03/2001 -0600, Mark E Witherite said:

>Hi Tim,
>         I am using the spread sheet to edit my schematics and PCB.  I did 
> an export to spread sheet.  I need to be able to upload back into the 
> schematic and PCB.  Will I be able to?
>At 04:32 PM 3/14/01 +0000, you wrote:
>>Why not export your spreadsheet as a csv file and then you can import it
>>into XL?

The trick here is to keep Protel (and the PCB/Sch design open) while you do 
the spreadsheet edits.  Protel keeps track of the changes using the 
all-important objectHandle.  This varies from session to session. If you 
close the SCH/PCB you will probably have problems merging changes from the 
spread back into the design.

What I usually do is export to spread, and then copy and paste everything 
from the spread server into Excel,  make my changes and then copy and paste 
everything back again (making sure I have not mucked about with the column 
ordering).  Then I can safely update the design from the spread.  Be very 
careful to not change the objectHandles at all and make sure you never 
re-order the rows such that the objectHandle move with respect to their 
original data.  (Sorting rows into a different order is OK as long as you 
sort whole rows. Don't just sort one or two columns you must keep the data 
in each row together.)

Deleting rows from the spread *should* be OK as well as the import only 
changes what it can see in the incoming spreadsheet.  But with all edits in 
a spreadsheet that are to be re-imported into the design be very careful.

(Suggestion: It may be possible for Protel to make a persistent object 
tracking attribute - this would have some advantages.  Each ObjectTracking 
attribute is unique for a design and a table, created on loading a design, 
and maintained as new objects are added and deleted, is used to map the 
persistent handle to the object handle.  This would then allow spread sheet 
changes to be made across sessions.  There would need to be some careful 
management such as when copying and pasting blocks etc to prevent duplicate 
persistent handles.)

Ian Wilson

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