Happiness is finding a solution to a REAL problem, even if it does
not make sense or satisfy our inner curiosities for what really happened. My
problem was solved by the good advice to go in and tune the amount of hard
disk space allowed by Windows 2000 professional to use as what I call "swap
space" in UNIX terms. My system was configured by our IT department in
Durango CO., (say no more) and only had 128megs of ram for a single user,
mainly because even gross IT people can't conceive of needing more on a non
shared server. The machine was configured to use 192 megs of virtual memory
on hard disk, and that was the problem. I increased it to 1024 megs and my
errors went bye-bye.
        Everybody here is shaking their heads saying "How can Protel need so
much memory?". I guess if it needs it, the only lesson learned is give it
what it wants. Too bad the error message is not trapped and decoded so the
newbie user can figure out what it wants and what is really wrong here.
        I would like to thank whoever it was who suggested tuning the
virtual ram disk space because my life was made happy again, and we shipped
our board to proto fab this morning because of the good advice.
        In between all the cute digs at who is stupid and who is not, this
net has real value in that solutions do bubble up as to how to work around
problems. That is what engineering is all about.

R. Gordon Price

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>On 11:44 AM 3/16/2001 +0000, Terry Harris wrote:
>>On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 16:05:52 -0600, Jon wrote:
>> >Yes, it DOES sound like you are running with too little memory for that
>> >of project.  I'm running on 128 MB too, and know it is on the edge, but
>> >projects are generally not quite so complicated.
>>People do talk rubbish about memory (aj included). 
>I don't want to argue, but you haven't produced much of a validation of
that statement. 
>(Of course, that's not to say that I'm immune to producing rubbish. <g>)

<huge snip about memory usage> 

I remind you what you said 

"The problem is clearly insufficient RAM. Using P99SE, a design such as the
one you're describing probably needs a bare minimum of twice what you're
running, in order to ensure that you don't kill your system periodically. "

The problem is not clearly insufficent RAM. The problem is very unlikely to
be insufficient RAM. Long before memory allocations actually failed the
system would be sluggish and even if Protel fails ungracefully on failing
memory allocation other applications (including win2k) would surely be
failing and complaining. 

Cheers, Terry.

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