I became aware more than a year ago that a highly-placed Cadence official 
had subscribed to this list. In his position, wouldn't you?

Now it seems that Cadence may have taken a clue from the success of this 
list in supporting Protel users. I spoke with the official at last year's 
PCB Design Conference West; I know that he was aware not only of the ways 
in which this list had surpassed Protel support but also of further 
possibilities, such  as user participation in charting the course of the 

Anyway, I just received some sales mail from Cadence, and at the end was this:

Latest News:
Cadence launches focused Web sites for Specctra, PSpice

I looked at the URL and what I found was so dense in interest that I was 
tempted to quote the entire article, which would, of course, be a violation 
of copyright. But any of you can read the article from the URL.

In summary, Cadence is setting up two web sites, www.Specctra.com and 
www.Pspice.com, to help users to "exchange design tips; get help from 
Cadence application engineers; download patchs, models, "do files" and 
application notes; or just rant about the tools via live links to the CCT 
and Pspice e-mail users groups.

The Specctra site will also be supported by DFM ("routing specialists," 
i.e. a routing service bureau) and Cadence's services group.

A Cadence VP is quoted as saying that user interaction "helps us, of 
course, with our revisions and road map planning. We currently meet with 
[user groups] to go over our road map and hopefully address their major 
issues with the tools. Sometimes we don't do it as quickly as they like, 
but this should help speed up the revision process."

The VP also promised that the sites would not be censored.

The report goes on:

>This is a user group's dream," said Bruce Mayer, chairman of CCTUG [CCT 
>user's group, a reference to Specctra's old name) and 
>application-engineering specialist at Litton Advanced Systems. "It is 
>everything we wish we could do for the users as a user group but don't 
>have the resources or finances to do. This is outstanding support from our 

Let's discuss this at PCB Design Conference West!

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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