Addressing a question personally to me on the list is probably not a good 
practice. My name has nothing to do with the problem and there may be other 
designers who could answer sooner than I, or who may be able to give better 
answers. No matter how much experience each one of us has, the group, 
collectively, has more. A lot more.

If one wants to write to me, use my e-mail address. But I have the right to 
charge for private consultation, if that is what it is about. It's part of 
my business (and, ahem, it can sometimes be a good idea). What I write here 
is "free."

At 01:44 PM 2/14/01 -0500, Bryan Bernesi wrote:

>I don't know what I did, but after I transfered my netlist from SCH to PCB 
>(following your clear instructions in the previous email), the Online DRC 
>checked my board and is giving me a DRC error for each track on each 
>module, as well as a DRC on the board outline.
>I checked the rules and everyhting in my rules are ok. I'm getting errors 
>where there should be none.

The first thing I think of is caused by the fact that Design/Netlist 
Manager/Menu/Update Free Primitives from Component Pads does not 
necessarily cause a DRC to be executed. The result of that is that obsolete 
error markers exist. Do Tools/Reset Error Markers and then re-run the DRC.

If you still have errors you have probably misunderstood the design rules. 
I'm now going to assume this, or (very, very minor possibility) DRC is broken.

>I have one track connected to a pad and it tells me there is a clearance 
>and short-circuit constraint. is this a bug? or if it isn't what did I do 
>(or didn't do) to get all these errors?

Assuming you have cleared the error markers and rerun DRC and you still 
have the error, double-click on the pad and note what net is assigned to 
it. Then double-click on the track and see its assigned net. If they are 
the same, call in Ghostbusters. But if they are different, and Update Free 
Primitives has not caused a reassignment, you have shorts on your board, 
but not necessarily at that point. If there is a conflict, i.e., two or 
more pads having differing nets are physically connected on the board, 
Update knows not which is what. How could it?

(Well, there is a way that it could do better, but Hal, Protel is not. Just 
a good tool for the year.)

Don't expect the program to be too smart. You will then be pleasantly 
surprised. Occasionally.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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