At 03:32 PM 3/26/01 -0500, Jenkins, Charlie wrote:
>I tried building some custom pads by pasting a combination of fills on top
>of pads but I could not get the fills to assume the net of the pad it

There are two ways to assign a net to the fill: one is to run 
Design/NetlistManager/Menu/UpdateFreePrimitivesFromComponentPads, and the 
other is to unlock the component primitives (on the Edit Component dialog) 
and manually select the net.

The command does assign nets to component non-pad primitives in contact 
with pads, in spite of its name.

If you run the command, however, the error marker is not removed, which 
might have confused you. To remove it, either Tools/ResetErrorMarkers or 
run a DRC clearance check, the latter being preferred.

I untimately went with one fill in the middle of the 0805 that barely
>cleared each 0805 pad. This only required a clearance rule to avoid green.
>Still it would be nice to have a custom pad combined of multiple touching
>fills to have all the elements receive the pad's netlist and behave as one

Actually, I think the floating fill in the middle is a great way to go. But 
you could have done it the other way.

>Under the "Pad Stack" menu, have the ability to join the custom pad a single
>entity and to save that entity as a graphic or other format.

You can do it now, you just need to run the Update command. It would be 
nice if component primitives in contact with pads were automatically 
assigned nets when the netlist were loaded. That should be reasonably easy 
to implement, and conceptually satisfying; the program would merely do what 
we intuitively expect it to do: if we build a complex pad shape, it behaves 
like a pad.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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