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> W2k doesn't really like obsolete equipment. The same can be said for all
flavors of W9x though, so I'm not sure that it's a valid downside. You be
the judge.

OK.  I judge that equipment that is still useful is NOT obsolete.  We need
to stop thinking that just because some piece of hardware or software is
more than 1 year old it is obsolete.  This attitude is going to drain our
wallets dry and fill up the landfills.  I am especially ticked off about
this issue because now that I am ready to upgrade my workstation PC, I find
out that W2K doesn't do DOS or old hardware well.  I don't want to throw
away my perfectly good scanner (circa 1993) because its TWAIN driver isn't
supported by W2K.  I also don't want to dual boot, because the key word is
BOOT, and that takes a long time and makes you close down every program you
have open.  So, it looks like I will have to keep the old PC running Win9X,
plop the new PC w/W2K down next to it, get a KVM switch, copy files back and
forth over the LAN, remember which one I'm using at the moment, back up 2
machines, etc.  I already have 3 PCs on my desk!  What a mess!

> >Will W2k tolerate a DOS-Shell?
> If by DOS-Shell, you mean the mainstay of "museum" applications, written
using Turbo Pascal and the like, waaaaaaaaay back in the "old days" of the
last century, <g> it's hit & miss at best. As I suggested in almost every
earlier email on the subject of pro-level systems, Dual-Boot is really not
an option for a professional, it is a requirement. And this is one of the
reasons. On a related note, legacy support is one of the primary hobblings
of the NT platform. Because so many potential business users expect the
Windows NT kernel to provide support for every possible application they
want to run (unlike their expectations of every other O/S), Microsoft has
been bullied into limiting the abilities of the more modern and advanced
architecture by dragging around a bevy of obsolete 16-bit subsystems

Microsoft being bullied?  Why do I not feel sorry for them?  If you want to
leave behind all of your investment in software, hardware, and your data
files, buy an Apple.  They are notorious for leaving their customers in a
lurch every time they change architectures, OSs, etc.  I expect a viable
migration path from Microsoft.  W2K isn't it (for DOS apps and old
equipment).  If that makes me a bully, then Bill Gates should put up his

> Hype about the difficulties of creating a dual-boot environment are just
that, hype, usually fostered by those who often have to struggle with
specification sheets outlining simple differences between one product and
another, or who have heard that it's difficult, in fact even impossible (and
will make your finger fall off and your girlfriend run away with another
guy) from a friend (gamer) who heard it from a friend (gamer), who heard it
from a friend (gamer) who...The process of installation of a dual-boot
system is nothing to worry about, in fact, it's easy, as long as you have
suitable hardware and execute the installation in the following order

It's not always easy.  Programs like System Commander can make it easier,
but if anything goes wrong, it is difficult to figure out who the culprit is
and how to fix it.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  http://www.bagotronix.com

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