Dear Brent,
        This is really a stupid idea, as I have mentioned before. We are
interested in getting Protel 99 SE to work in a stable way, not how you can
broaden your market. Please do not put AutoRFQ in any products or we will
drop PROTEL!! There are NDA issues and extreme product confidentiality
issues that no smart company will put up with here!

R. Gordon Price
Director of Research Engineering
Loronix Information Systems, Inc.
Del Mar CA
(858) 523-9424

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From: Brent Smith [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 3:23 AM
To: Gordon Price
Subject: New on-line PCB quoting service for Protel 99 SE

Dear Gordon,

Wouldn't it be easy if you could receive quotes to fabricate your PCB's
without having to pick up the phone or send an email? Wouldn't this provide
you with more time to concentrate on more important things, like designing?
Imagine a system where rather than chasing down quotes from various
manufacturers, you could automate your quote requests and submit your PCB
details to reputable manufacturers. 

This system is now available with the new AutoRFQ (Request For Quotation)
feature for Protel 99 SE's complete board-level design system. The AutoRFQ
technology has been developed by WebQuote Software, and enables Protel 99 SE
users to configure and request quotations for the manufacture of their PCB

The AutoRFQ add-on extracts the minimum numerical data required for
quotation directly from your Protel 99 SE PCB file and compiles it as a
WebQuote AutoRFQ. The RFQ information is then sent electronically to an
online service division of WebQuote Software at
(, and then relayed to your chosen
manufacturers for quotation. You will receive your quote back automatically
in under a few hours. It couldn't be easier! 

Protel 99 SE users can rapidly send electronic RFQ's to over 500 suppliers
in the marketplace, without sending a single CAD file!

For more information, or to download the add-on visit: 

For Protel 99 SE product information, call 1-800-544-4186, or visit

Best Regards,

Brent A. Smith
North American Sales & Support Center

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