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>Taking just the
>semiconductor footprints, thats
>1067 footprints that will be bundled into the super library that someone 
>will be
>remaking. Or will these footprints
>  just be copied from the existing Protel libraries? If these seperate 
> libraries
>get jumbled into one library, will
>  it make using and finding easier? Who will be doing the work on this?

As I stated, I do prefer that we move this discussion to the new list, 

But here is what I would see. Most of us have had the experience of using a 
Protel part that was not, shall we say, what we would like. The holes are 
too small, for example, or something else about the part was not satisfactory.

The Protel parts would be dumped into the library, assuming Protel 
consents, of course, as "Protel-supplied." There would still be a review 
process for all these parts. That process might have a low priority since 
there is so much other work to do.

How about this: when we fab a board and we assemble it and everything is 
good with the footprints, we make a project library and send it off to the 
library center. The parts are compared with existing parts; if they match 
an existing part, that part gets a validation mark. This could be pretty 
much automated. When a part has several hundred validation marks, I'd think 
it we could consider it rather thoroughly checked!

The tools to bring this together don't exist, as far as I know. But unless 
we describe them, they are not likely to come into existence. Protel, as I 
mentioned, might well help with the logistics, but the project should be -- 
*must be* -- a user-sponsored and controlled project. The work for putting 
together the library, the *hard* work, we are already doing: we are 
building parts and we are getting feedback on them. Protel could not afford 
to buy this! But Protel *could* make it easier for us to bring the data 
together, perhaps some HTML code, perhaps the labor of a coordinator, it 
will be up to them what they are willing to do. I do know that they are 
friendly to this kind of idea, if the legalities are properly arranged.

I'll also note that Cadence has a full-fledged support site now which is a 
cooperative effort between the users and the corporation.

Because we are isolated and not organized, it looks to us like Protel is 
large and we are small. That is an illusion!

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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