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> > Only the fact that nets are never assigned in a footprint editor.
>But the field in the properties window is there with 'No Net' assigned,
>and the pull down menu works with only that one option.

Sure, after all, why write a different pad editor for the footprint library 
than for the PCB editor? But since a library has no nets, obviously, you 
cannot assign a net to a pad in the library. The pad editor *never* allows 
you to assign a net by typing it in, you can only pick from a list of 
existing nets.


> > If you insist on using traces, you must assign the net to those traces in
> > the PCB editor. [...] You may also be able
> > to use global edits (select all occurrences of your footprint [...]
>I tried to edit them in the PCB editor, but you can't select the traces,
>just the entire footprint.  You can select individual pins, but not traces.

You *can* select the traces, but you must first unlock the footprint. But 
the fastest way to select these footprint traces is to select the 
footprints that contain them. When doing the globnl edit, remember to make 
the scope "all primitives."

You can also use 
It's a bit misnamed, since it *does* update component tracks. And this is, 
I would think, the fastest way to assign nets to those footprint tracks.

>Yes, this is what I see.  The pins are assigned correctly, then when I load
>the nets again on a revision the assignments are removed, and if I load the
>nets again, the connections are restored again.

Yes. It gets more confusing, however, if the pins are not all in the same 
state. Each pin will switch state with each load. But the Synchronizer does 
not have this problem.

> > The Synchronizer, however, works properly: when multiple pads
> > have the same
> > name (and are part of the instance of a footprint, they will all receive
> > the net assignment.
> >
> > Use the Synchronizer!!! (Update PCB from the Schematic Editor).
>This would be wonderful, except I've changed the comment on a number of
>components and the synchronizer, unlike when I reload the nets, changes all
>the comments to reflect those on the schematic without my approval.  When
>make PCB changes by reloading the nets, I can simply delete the comment

Sure. But you are making a lot of work for yourself. Why not have the 
comment on the PCB match the type field on the Schematic? (Few designers 
use the comments at all except to let them know what a footprint represents 
without looking at the schematic....) Further, if you press Preview Changes 
in the Synchronizer dialog instead of Execute, any comment changes are 
given just as with Netlist Load.

The PCB database is not designed to hold much information about the parts....

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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