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At 01:46 PM 10/1/01 +0100, Richard Thompson wrote:

>                 If like myself you have your own manufacturer and each part
>has its own stock number etc which is linked to a database, you sometimes
>have to edit the pcb comment.  eg.  i have about 10 different 100nF
>capacitors, all different types and voltages, the schematic should display
>relevant info (voltage and type) however the board is cramped so i just
>display 100n for ease of build(generally only one type is used per pcb).
>the syncronizer then throws a wobbler that the comments are different. :-(
>i can't update the schematic from the pcb because the database linking will
>then not find the correct part.

I can think of only one reason to care what is in the pcb comment fields, 
and that is if one is printing an assembly drawing that shows the comments. 
While such a creature may seem useful, in actual practice, most of the 
time, it isn't....

I made such a drawing for one client many years ago, pre-Protel. I've never 
used the Protel PCB comment field, it has been only a nuisance. But I'll 
agree that there should be such a field, in fact, there should be more data 
fields associated with parts, they could be used for height, etc. But 
remember that database changes are not trivial and can create file 
interchangeability problems. This one would not be too bad, though, 
backtranslation would simply loose the fields and associated special 
strings (or the strings would be converted into the field contents in 

You can make the appropriate schematic field match the PCB, and then use a 
different field for display on the schematic, if you must. The field that 
will control the PCB comment can be set as hidden.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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