On 09:04 PM 30/09/2001 -0700, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:

>>This would be wonderful, except I've changed the comment on a number of
>>components and the synchronizer, unlike when I reload the nets, changes all
>>the comments to reflect those on the schematic without my approval.  When
>>make PCB changes by reloading the nets, I can simply delete the comment
>Sure. But you are making a lot of work for yourself. Why not have the 
>comment on the PCB match the type field on the Schematic? (Few designers 
>use the comments at all except to let them know what a footprint 
>represents without looking at the schematic....) Further, if you press 
>Preview Changes in the Synchronizer dialog instead of Execute, any comment 
>changes are given just as with Netlist Load.

Don't forget that the synchronizer works both ways.  If you have footprints 
or comments etc that you *wish* to transfer from the PCB to the sch you can 
do this using the PCB command Update Schematic.  This is a great time 
saver.  I am a very great believer in the Sch and the PCB matching with no 
DRC/ERC errors and no synchronization macros at the end of a design.  This 
is not always practical but it is a great aiming point and we make 
designers/engineers justify any remaining errors or warnings.  The back 
annotation of designator changes and footprint (for instance wave/reflow 
variants) and comments back to the sch from the PCB is an important part of 
this for us.

Also, we do not believe any comment or value in the PCB.  The Sch is 
king.  At least until the first Parts List is released and then it (the 
part list) is king.  So for us there is never a need for the Sch and PCB 
components to have a mismatch, and the is a very real desire to want 
(force) them to be the same.

Ian Wilson

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