What I do in situations like this, is simply label both pads "3" or "C" or 
whatever you would normally label them, instead of labeling them 3 and 4.
Not perfect, but works well enough for me.


At 04:00 PM 10/22/2001 -0700, you wrote:

>Hello everyone:
>I have created a footprint for a TO-3 NPN transistor. The TO-3 can as you
>may be aware has two mounting holes, in my case these two mounting holes are
>attached to the collector of the transistor. I have a pad for each mounting
>hole which I have labelled pad 3 and pad 4. Now when I create my schematic
>symbol for this part, I am supposed to use the standard NPN transistor
>symbol, which only has 3 pins (E-1,B-2,C-3). If I want to display a 4th pin
>and connect it to the collector on my symbol, I end up with an odd looking
>transistor symbol, that know one will understand or appreciate. If I hide
>pin 4, as someone suggests, then I can not hook it up to the desired net. If
>I omit pin 4 from the schematic and reload the netlist into the pcb, the
>program will attempt to disconnect pin 4 from it's net, and if I manually
>connect it I will get a DRC error. I would like the schematic and pcb to
>match with no netlist hickups. I do not see anyway around this problem,
>other than to live with the DRC error, or create an additional pin on the
>schematic symbol, neither of which seem a very elegant solution. Perhaps I
>should suggest to Protel that with their new version, they allow a single
>pin to be assigned to more than one pad. In fact it would be very useful to
>have a single pad assigned to different nets with no DRC error, in order to
>form a star point gnd. Any comments or suggests would be appreciated.
>Daniel Webster
>PCB Designer
>Northern Airborne Technology
>Kelowna, BC, Canada

Frank Gilley
Dell-Star Technologies
(918) 838-1973 Phone
(918) 838-8814 Fax

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