At 02:48 PM 11/9/01 -0500, Sean James wrote:
>Well everybody, Accel/PCAD did the same exact thing by changing their 
>pricing. Who owns Accel/PCAD and Protel?

Yes, Altium, nee Protel, owns both. BUT the Accel pricing boost was while 
Accel Technologies was independent. It was my impression that Protel 
wrapped up the whole bundle of PCAD products, which used to sell for about 
$20K, and reduced the price to $9995. Bit I had not seen PCAD pricing recently.

So I called 'em up. First I talked to Protel sales, and I found out some 
*very* interesting information. It seems we may have been reading the 
announcement incorrectly. I should have called sooner. More about that below.

Then I asked about PCAD pricing. Yes, PCAD 2001 is still $9995. The 
original separate prices of all the units now included was $27K not 
including simulation. Protel tossed in CAMtastic and the simulation package 
that used to sell for another $10K. So Accel under Protel/Altium ownership 
has drastically reduced prices. They also got rid of the dongle. I'm sure 
PCAD users were heartbroken over that.... :-)

Now, to ATS for Protel. Today, you can buy from Accel Technologies (the 
U.S. Protel rep, we've gone full circle) the upgrade from Protel 98 to 
Protel 99SE for $1995. Essentially, a Protel 98 user can buy ATS for that 
price, and since ATS includes automatic upgrades, *the next version will be 

This is, if anything, a price *reduction.* Since July 1, the Protel 98 to 
Protel 99SE upgrade has been that same price, it was $1495 before that. 
Now, since October 1, it includes ATS for a year!

Protel has not announced ATS or upgrade pricing for current Protel 99SE 
users. But if it was more than about $995, Protel would be *penalizing* 
users for upgrading to 99SE sooner than October 1. I don't think they are 
going to do that. From previous indications and history, I'm going to guess 
that upgrade from Protel 99SE to the next release is going to be about $995 
and it will include one year of ATS. The ongoing ATS price, I was told, has 
not really been established, or if it has, it has not been announced to sales.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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