On 04:29 PM 9/11/2001 -0500, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
<..PCAD stuff snipped..>
>Now, to ATS for Protel. Today, you can buy from Accel Technologies (the 
>U.S. Protel rep, we've gone full circle) the upgrade from Protel 98 to 
>Protel 99SE for $1995. Essentially, a Protel 98 user can buy ATS for that 
>price, and since ATS includes automatic upgrades, *the next version will 
>be included.*
>This is, if anything, a price *reduction.* Since July 1, the Protel 98 to 
>Protel 99SE upgrade has been that same price, it was $1495 before that. 
>Now, since October 1, it includes ATS for a year!
>Protel has not announced ATS or upgrade pricing for current Protel 99SE 
>users. But if it was more than about $995, Protel would be *penalizing* 
>users for upgrading to 99SE sooner than October 1. I don't think they are 
>going to do that. From previous indications and history, I'm going to 
>guess that upgrade from Protel 99SE to the next release is going to be 
>about $995 and it will include one year of ATS. The ongoing ATS price, I 
>was told, has not really been established, or if it has, it has not been 
>announced to sales.

I too have spoken to people in Altium on ATS (in fact they rang me in 
response to a long, hopefully carefully crafted email, direct email that I 
had sent).  My understanding is that the information in the press release 
is correct.  I repeat:
"Altium Total Support is annually renewable and is priced at US$1995. for 
P-CAD and Protel full suites. Prices of other product configurations are 
available on request."

This press release information is consistent with my discussions with 
Altium.  So we seem to have conflicting advice.  There is no mention in the 
press release that the price information is related to upgrade pricing for P98.

My *guess* is that the currently targeted upgrade price, for existing P99SE 
license holders is the ATS price.  This price, annually, is, it seems to me 
roughly doubling our current effective maintenance costs for maintaining a 
Protel license at the latest and greatest.

I did look to see if there had been an announcement on the ASX (Austr. 
Stock Exch) about ATS as there are strict rules for such announcements, and 
the need for accuracy.  Unfortunately, I could not find anything about 
ATS.  Nor is there any mention of ATS in the financial report (at least the 
searching for ATS in the pdf finds).

So we seem to be in FUD mode at the moment.  It would seem sensible that 
Protel CSC should provide public detailed clarification to our questions 
and possible incorrect statements.

Ian Wilson

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