Okay, Mr. Wiseman sent me the file and I can confirm that if two schematics 
of the same name but in different databases are opened, and the second one 
to be opened is ERC'd, the ERC markers are written to the first file. If 
the file being ERC'd is the first opened, it appears that the error markers 
are written correctly.

I had misread Mr. Wiseman's first post, my fault, not his. His mail to me 
stated the same thing a little more clearly (at least I read it correctly 
this time), and as soon as I realized that this was a case of two 
schematics with identical names, I almost did not go ahead and verify it. 
Having two schematics *anywhere* in your system with the same name is 
asking for trouble.

Nevertheless, I did go ahead and verify it. The workaround is obvious. 
Either rename one of the schematics, if you insist on having them both open 
at once, or close the one that you are not ERC'ing.

Yes, it is correctly called a "buglet." Protel commands inherently rooted 
in one database should never write to files in another database, even if 
they are open. Further, if, for some reason, the filename alone is going to 
be used in a process, instead of a full name including the database name, 
then checking should be done for the presence of duplicate files. In this 
case, the damage is small, removing those scribbled error markers is 
practically one-button. That might not be true with, for example, an update 
from library, where it could be disastrous.
Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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