At 08:19 PM 11/13/01 +0000, Steve Wiseman wrote:
>Abdul - the reason I'm running with multiple schematics of the same name
>is that often I'll be working on a design when a customer calls with a
>question about an older version, or I'll be working on a new revision of
>an older design, while referencing the previsou iteration - in both cases,
>the sheet names will clash, and the bug will happen. Changing all subsheet
>names to reflect the version number would be a pain, and I'm not keen.

Understandable but bad practice. There is room for plenty of characters in 
a schematic name and they should properly include revision level. To do 
otherwise is to invite trouble, in my opinion.

>What I'd _really_ like would be
>"open_whole_project_as_read_only_and_beep_when_violated_dammit" - when
>looking at a project that's gone to fab, I'd like to be very, very sure
>that I can't make changes to it...

You can. Make the .ddb Read_Only in your operating system. Used to be that 
Protel had a problem with such files, but I think that was fixed.

I think that if the file is open, the error markers may scribble over it, 
but that will not be persistent. (The file Mr. Wiseman sent me did not have 
the error markers he described, I had to simulate the problem by using 
another schematic. I suspect that he simply did not save the file....)

>(If anyone's trying to replicate this at Protel, (and I hope they are),
>please note that I'm running with files, not Access DB (which I wouldn't
>trust as far as I could throw it - no evidence, but being unable to drag
>schematics out of a corrupted / confused database would be a nightmare.))

Also understandable but off-track, IMHO. Nearly all of us -- and most of us 
had the same reservation -- have had *no* such problem. The bug, by the 
way, exists also in the Access system, that is how I tested it.

There are two types of backup standard, assuming that one has turned on 
autobackup under the client menu. The first copies the original of every 
overwritten file to the directory in which the .ddb lives, as Copy_of_.... 
and then, next overwrite, renames it to Previous_Copy_of.... So, if you 
were to lose your .ddb entirely, you still have the original files up to 
before the last save. Then autobackup writes backups of the .ddb itself, as 
it is configured, to a directory of choice and with frequency and levels as 
set by the user. Disk space is cheap, the only reason to limit the 
frequency is that a file save stops Protel in its tracks for a few seconds 
-- expect this to change eventually -- and there is no good reason to limit 
the level of backups to a low number. I keep six levels of 15 minute 
backups and I think that might not be enough.

I have never lost a file due to Protel 99. I think I lost one or two in 
Protel 98!

Anyway, as one can see, having files of the same name could possibly screw 
up the autobackups. If the .ddbs -- in the Windows File System they are 
only text control files -- are living in the same directory, one file's 
backups will overwrite another. But the default WFS creates a unique 
directory for each .ddb. Also if two .ddbs have the same name, their 
backups will interfere.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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