One of the key antagonists of the simulation is actually the quality of
support offered through the ISO9000 library management. I had made reference
in the past to a 'simulation ready' based library team. From what I have
seen in the past, vendor SPICE models are just attached to the library base.
This is only good if the original vendor correctly matches the pinning to
the parts in question. This is not always the case. The problem presents
itself as 'who is responsible' ? Should Protel/Altium step in as they offer
the simulator engine ? Or, should the part vendor pay more attention to
their own product support ? 

I have accepted the first cut simulator with P99SE as 'a gift'. I am
disappointed that a better effort was not made to integrate the schematic
symbol use with the circuit board design efforts. I will pray that this will
come with time.

I see this forum as being a wonderful charter with very humbling group
support. However, it also reminds me Asus, a motherboard manufacturers. They
promote a user's forum where customers thrash out their own problems. TSD
not worth a tinkers ..... Anyways, not to sell Asus short, highly valued
helpers could  receive a beta motherboard as a reward. 

By this parable, I do not imply that Altium should do the same with s/w.
What I would suggest is product announcements are made more vocal to this
forum. What will P2001 bring ? Any efforts like the RFQ tool is the waste of
a developers time. If Altium really wishes to enhance its product, it
should, in theory, be directed by the users who are knowledgeable the bugs. 

With the Beta program, there has been an acknowledged effort in this
direction. However, I seem to remember being able download beta's before
directly from the Protel website. (Please tell me if am delusional on this

Irregardless of some confusion, P99SE is still great CAD value compared to
the other shackles and chains out there. My interpretation of ATS is that at
least final pack will be given for free to P99SE users. S/W purchased after
Oct 1st will get the P2001 release and support for the same which P99SE
users will have to pay for. After all, it is an upgrade.

There is really no difference from what we have seen before, except some
numbers have changed. No one is putting a gun to our heads to buy ATS. This
is not like some s/w out there that is essentially leased. Continual pricing
changes, for whatever reason, are nevertheless a nuisance. I feel for those
that took the price hit this past summer. I did not endure that and my tool
is that same. That being said, those summer users should receive a price
break on ATS. That's just an opinion, but it is being only fair to the
customer base.

Fabian Hartery
Research Engineer
Guigne International Limited
Paradise, Newfoundland
tel: 709-895-3819
fax: 709-895-3822

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