At 03:19 PM 11/26/01 -0500, Jeff Adolphs wrote:
>Hello! I have had extended RAM removed from my computer thinking the RAM
>was bad.
>Computer is Compaq Ipaq, now with 64 meg of RAM, W2K.

As I recall, this has Compaq on-board video?

>Day One: no computer crashes.

>Day Two: three Protel 99SE crashes. All three gave an error window
>starting with something like: Access violation at address 00444C65 in
>module 'Client99...   All three crashes were in a span of 5 1/2 hours
>(10:15 AM EST, 11:15 AM EST, and 3:00 PM EST).
>Question: Could the 3 Protel 99SE crashes be from running with only 64
>meg of RAM,...

Possibly. But I would not think of that first.

>  Protel needs reloaded from numerous crashes with bad
>extended RAM,

Possibly. Not likely, but possible. Uninstalling Protel and reloading would 
rule this out (especially if the ini and rcs files are also made new. No 
harm in keeping the old ones somewhere else if you have some customization 
you'd like to get back.)

>  or other hardware problems suspected? Any guesses?

CPU socket bad. If symptoms can be seen to change, at least temporarily, 
from reseating the CPU, this would indicate a bad socket (or CPU pin or 
other motherboard defect). Video bad or incompatible. Other malfunctioning 

Aren't intermittent failures wonderful?

Protel, in a fully functioning system, does not crash like Mr. Adolphs 
reported, with the exception of certain buggy areas of the program, which 
will be associated with the use of these areas, which are not your common, 
everyday tools for most people. So the problem is almost certainly bad 
hardware or a software interaction. One could try running Protel as bare as 

Ah, yes. Turn off video acceleration, its an easy step. In Windows 98SE, 
this would be Start/Settings/Control 
Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced/Hardware Acceleration/, set the slider to 
None. If this improves the program behavior, it may not prove that the 
video hardware is the problem, but it would certainly be a clue....

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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