what mike r. was suggesting, which i think is a great idea even though i
don't do it that way myself is the following:
don't panelize the the main layout itself, just draw all the fussy
details of the panel, breakaways etc.
then let the bd shop insert the images as instructed

this was you can have your cake and eat it and you don't need to
maintain a separate 'single' copy for DRC

one time (not using the above method) we panelized a board and one trace
didn't get in the clipboard
half the bds had one trace missing

Dennis Saputelli

Brad Velander wrote:
> Mike,
>         there is something amiss in your explanation regarding reference
> designators. You can merge multiple boards with the same reference
> designators, again you use the "Paste Special" command and select the
> "Duplicate Reference" designator box. I do this all the time, day in and day
> out for our development boards. You can/will also use the Keep Nets
> selection and you may have ratsnest connections between boards where similar
> nets occur. But other then that it works just fine. I most heartedly suggest
> that all design, checking and editing be absolutely complete before you
> merge boards because after merging editing or DRC checking and other
> operations can become very complex because of unrouted nets between boards,
> duplicate designators and the likes. Keep your original singular boards to
> work on for future editing, keep the merged boards as a separate panelized
> file, edit only the original singular boards when editing is required.
>         The problem with merging boards which contain differing or split
> planes is very much more complex. Basically it probably shouldn't be
> attempted unless you are quite experienced or the boards are absolutely
> identical. For this very reason I usually use Mid-layers rather then Plane
> layers and I draw my planes as polygons. This is much more conducive to
> merging multiple boards into a panel. It also gets you around some of the
> limitations/bugs associated with "Planes" not being DRC'ed properly for all
> possible errors.
> Sincerely,
> Brad Velander.
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> From: Mike Reagan [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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> To: Protel EDA Forum
> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Merging boards
> Sean wrote:
> >When I merged 2 boards to create a pallette, 2 of the internal split planes
> of the 2nd board changed nets. Is there any way to prevent this, or is it a
> bug?
> Sean,
> I am assuming you are panelizing two boards,  which are identical.   If the
> boards are identical use the Paste Special, and check keep the same nets,
> also check Duplicate reference numbers.  This should work.
> If you are attempting to merge two board that are not identical, but share
> the same reference numbers then they can  not be merged.  Is it a bug?  I
> think it is more  the method which Protel chooses to implement not a bug.  I
> agree with it  because it prevents a designer from having parts with
> duplicate reference numbers.  The work around for all penalization is draw
> the panels, the routes, break off tabs on the drill file then ask your board
> house to panelize the design to your outline. Care must be taken that the
> outlines you create are exact,  as I have had calls from a board house
> because I was 1 mil  off grid.   Also you might want to  add a fab note for
> the direction of the panels, since a square board can be rotated to fit.
> The third action is to have the fab house return the paste gerber which is
> panelized otherwise you may  have a registration problem with BGAs.
> Good Luck
> Mike Reagan

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