I just received a PCAD file from a customer. He wants me to modify it, so I
pulled the PCAD demo out to use an ASCII translator.  I has been a while
since I used ACCEL so of course I am a little slow at it, but I used it for
2 years, went to training and taught  the instructors how to use it  ( I am
serious).  I just want to reinforce my comments from 2 years ago....ACCEL is
a piece of CRAP and I hope Altium doesnt get a bug up thier butt to
implement Accel into Protel.   I gave a list of 100 useless commands to
Accel 3 years ago and the program looks the same as it did then. It was then
as it is now BIT MAPPED CRAYOLA and that is compliment to crayola.   If
Altium starts giving PROTEL the look, feel and menus this junk has then I
will definately without hesitation switch to Cadence.  The only reason I use
Protel is because of it is easy and quick to use ,  period!     No other
reason.  The menues make sense, the cursor works, zooms fast.    I am in and
out of a design in a few days to a week,   not spending half the day setting
it up.     Every other program I have used or encountered takes an act of
congress just to modify a netlist,  lib part or a via.   I sort of read
between the lines with ALTIUM that they are going to hose up library
management in Protel so that it starts to look like and feel like  Accel,
 I want to remind everyone the "EXCUTIVE LIB MANAGER" is  $4.5 k more in
Accel) .  As soon Altium changes this strategy with Protel, I m moving on to
a another product.

Im not even goin to bid this PCAD job because I need an open ended contract
to make any money on  it.  Thats the whole point, what is simply  a double
click to modify parts, traces, vias, colors, layers, filters in Protel is
cryptic mouse driven  menues in ACCEL.   You cant move a part once the board
is routed, and I can go all night about what you cant do with this program.
No one can make a living using ACCEL.  not even ACCEL either, they went out
of  business.  Piece of crap.....and I keep getting email from ALTIUM to
purchase ACCEL too.  They irritate me everytime they email or mail me ACCEL

I HATE ACCEL,    My opnion only
Mike Reagan
Frederick MD

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