I don't know what happened. I am chalking it up as a software glich. I
started a new project and imported my two schematics and it works fine.


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The setup you described sounds ok.

Sorry if these suggestions seem obvious, but I do not know your level of
experience with Protel.

Do you have the "Sheets to Netlist" scope set to "Active Project" (not
Active Sheet or Active Sheets and Subsheets)?

Do the sheets show up underneath the Project file in the Explorer Window?
If not, Protel has not associated the SCH files to the PRJ file.

That's about all can think of.  Hope it was of some help.


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I bypassed the web site posting because it just hangs on me (Never goes
through). Hope this is ok and I am not getting into trouble. I just have an
urgent question because my boards need to be at the board house tomorrow
otherwise I won't get them until Jan 3.


I have created a project file with two sheet symbols on it referencing two
.sch files (both are open and active). I am using simple "flat design" for
linking two .sch together sharing only net labels and power ports. When I
select the .prj file and try an ERC there are no warnings. When I select the
.prj and try to create a Netlist the net list file is completely empty. I am
selecting the scope of the net identifiers to "global nets/ports". What am I
doing wrong. I have no problem doing it on each individual file. How do I
link all the files so that I create 1 netlist and 1 ERC? The files display
correctly in the file viewer so I know at least Protel understands my setup
it just isn't producing any output.

Thank you


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