On 03:52 PM 21/12/2001 -0500, Bob Wolfe said:
>I believe it is the first one on the list of footprints it will actually put
>on the board.

The list of four footprints in Protel is a convenience thing only.  You do 
not have to use any of them.  There used to be a bug (in P98 I think - that 
would substitute the first footprint in the list for what you entered if 
what you entered started with the same letter exactly as the (longer) 
manually entered text.  At least I think that is what the bug was - I 
assume that bug no longer exists.

>And the only one it will automatically put on the board.
>In my situation I would really like an option to update automatically in one
>shot all of the footprints in a board to what is in the library. I did talk
>to Protel
>thanks for the help, but I really think there should be an update ALL
>per library part option capability in one shot.
>Robert M. Wolfe, C.I.D.

Earlier versions of Protel did have an "Update All" which would update all 
the footprints from the library.  It was removed from later versions.  I 
have yet to see an explanation of why this was but my impression is that it 
was removal by design not by default.  Maybe there had been some problems 
with its use?  I certainly remember using it a lot.

It is a pain doing it now as the update will not occur unless you change 
the footprint to something else and then back again.  But this has the 
problem that you have to choose a footprint with matching pins - so full 
global update is difficult.

A server could be written to do this of course.

I am not sure what Bob is trying to achieve, just picking up on a couple of 

Ian Wilson

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