Abdulrahman wrote
"The update schematic function works, that is, it updates *symbols*. It does
not update the chosen footprint.

In this case, I think it better to simply leave the schematic alone and,
instead, create a PCB library with footprint names matching those coming in
from OrCAD. If those names are in error, then you will supply corrected
names to your client to be used in the future...."

This one I would have to argue with you on.
An update of any symbol should update ALL of the data contained within that
symbol that was changed. Footprint name is contained within that symbol. If
footprint name or whatever is contained in that symbol that data should pass
to the schematic, and also ultimately to the PCB without any further
operator action required. I have used a number of other CAD systems and they
all work basically that way. They will not update a footprint with the same
name unlesss the operator updates thet footprint. However if a totally new
footprint where used in that symbol I would expect it to yank that old one
outa there and use the new one. Because that is what that symbol/part now
calls for. Its just that simple.
If the footprint name was the same (old to new) I would buy your argument
and not want it updated automatically, only at operator discression.
(although where an entire footpint library changed technology I may want an
auto update all function) However in this case a totally diferent name is
used and I would have expected a system with good library functionality to
work this way.
Bob Wolfe

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