At 02:58 PM 1/23/2002 -0600, Jeff Stout wrote:
>P98 developed a bad rap after a few people complained and compared it
>to P99.  In my opinion, P98 was a stable and very usable product; and I
>believe many people feel the same way.

It was certainly a very usable product. However, when I joined this forum, 
P98 was the latest and greatest. The forum was *full* of complaints, and 
badmouthing Protel was the order of the day.

>   In contrast. many people is this
>very forum refused to jump to P99se immediately.  Very few people
>trusted it in the beginning.  I view P99se with its Megabase file system
>is like having to swallowing "Cods Liver Oil" as the price for having a
>loving mother.

This is a slight distortion of history. P99 was released and, yes, many 
people hated the DDB system. I think SP1 gave users the Windows File System 
option (i.e., the old way.) Since then, if you really don't like the DDB 
system, you can stick with individual files.

The SE release really changed things, old 16-bit users started moving on to 
99SE in droves (this process had begun, I would say, with P98, which *was* 
a very good release considered by itself).

And we have found that most of us have come to use the DDB system 
exclusively. Protel was right, it was an improvement. Perhaps it tasted 
like cod liver oil, at first, but mother *does* know best.


I think that it is very dangerous for the Protel programmers to think that 
they know what we need better than we do. They might be right, sometimes. 
But it would be better to actively consult users and to work back and 
forth. The DDB system should have been introduced as an option from day 1; 
a little consultation with the users would have revealed massive 
resistance. In this case, that did not mean that the feature shouldn't be 
added, only that it needed to be added carefully, with respect for the 
actuality of user psychology, which can be very resistant to change.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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