the wheel mouse works for me
but i agree that some of this stuff is kind of bush league

Dennis Saputelli

Joel Hammer wrote:
> A year and a half ago I made the decision to go with Protel 99SE based upon
> inputs from a couple of friends and colleagues, price and all seemed to go
> well during the thirty day trial. Now mind you I had been in PCB design 8 or
> 9 months at that point. (CAD/CAM the 6 years prior)  And had worked only
> with PCAD 8.5. And compared to 8.5, 99SE was a god sent. At least During my
> thirty day trial where I "played" with it and still used 8.5 to get paid.
> Shortly after purchasing a few seats for the company I took the Protel
> training and started using it exclusively. And immediately i started running
> into "issues". First it was a video card issue. (Ok, I can almost swallow
> that pill. Video issues are somewhat common in a complex software package.)
> Then a printer issue. (Alright, this is a little odd.) After getting those
> taken care of, the wheel mouse issue presented itself along with a macro
> keyboard issue. (This is getting out of hand! This thing has more issues
> than Mike Tyson.) Wasn't the wheel out even prior to P1 processors? The
> people who wrote my sons jumpstart to preschool software managed to get the
> mouse thing figured out. And I didn't have to download a service pack before
> he could use his fresh out of the box software.
> So now my computer is designed and built by Protel. I have been forced to
> change one of my input devices. (from a wheeled mouse to a standard mouse)
> And was forced to remove my blessed macro keyboard from my system. Both of
> which affect my work style and for a time my proficiency in Protel as well
> as, and most troubling, in other CAD packages. Why on earth is my entire
> system and style of work dominated by a software package that was written
> AFTER 99% of the other software I am using.
> What is going on here??? This is not some freeware beta package that you
> just download. We paid for this! It cost money to get the software. It cost
> money to learn the software. It cost money to get my computer to make the
> software work. And on and on! So much for the price being a valid factor in
> the decision making process next time.
> How can the "lurkers" sit by and read this forum and think for a moment that
> these are things we wanted or thought we were getting when we purchased
> their companies product? I do understand that they have a job to do. And I
> recognize that they did not write the software. But they are the "face" of
> the company to all of us here. The only contact many of us ever have with
> anyone from Protel. Aside from the newsletters that arrive telling us that
> there will now be another opportunity for us to give them more money for
> something that doesn't work like expected even after I've made all the
> adjustments the product demanded. This just seems like a very sketchy
> practice to employ on an iffy product.
> Now I am not running out and replacing my design software. At least not yet.
> But let's be real. Buggy is bad place to start from when doing design. And I
> have found that is the best I can hope for with Protel. If all goes good...
> I won't encounter an "issue" that is not common knowledge. And won't have to
> stop working to figure out what Protel is doing. Or god forbid, why? I've
> never had the amount of problems with any of my other CAD packages that I've
> had with Protel. (not to mention the ones I've read about here and not had
> to deal with myself.)
> Is this normal? Is this what we had hoped for when we made the leap from
> whatever design package to Protel? I'd have to say not! If i had it to do
> over again... I would certainly look a little harder at some of the other
> packages. There has to be a stable package somewhere in the world that will
> work properly and still allow the user to use a piece of cutting edge
> technology like a wheel mouse. (in case you couldn't tell, the mouse thing
> really bothers me!)
> Thanks for your time,
> Joel L. Hammer
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