Hi Lloyd,
        your comments are very true for the Desktop-EDA package. However I
think some of the points expressed were misunderstood. The 'Protel' "viewer"
is a toy with virtually no useful purpose. Protel needs to align themselves
with the industry and develop a true 3D mechanical interface (sorry forget
the acronym) rather then a "viewer". The Protel viewer is useless,
absolutely useless. Would ACAD, Solidworks or any other get away with a
pretty viewer in their products, no you need output suitably formatted for
inclusion in the next level of development tools? Showing a pretty picture
(even one with user defined models) serves no measurable useful purpose.
This is what I think some of the other posters have been trying to say. The
Qual-ECAD or Desktop-EDA tools are a proper path for 3D development, not a
simple Protel viewer.

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
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Fax  (604) 292-9010

See us at Booth 323 at Satellite 2002 in Washington, DC March 6-8.

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Robi et al,
While I agree that the Protel 3D viewer is absolutely useless, we have been
using the 3D utility from Desktop-EDA to export into Solidworks. In
Solidworks we assembly products with multiple PCBs, design the
plastics/metal works, add overlays and create AVI's of the whole assembly,
so that our customers don't have to speak or read any particular language.
We can do clearance checks, show hidden features in otherwise covered
locations, the advantages are endless. To limit oneself by saying, "If you
do you homework - properly..." is like saying, I don't need a computer, I
have a slide rule that works just fine.
Sounds like some projects are not as complex as others.
Lloyd Good

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