I understand the sentiment of the Protel viewer by others in the forum. I
suppose the point that I am trying to make it that Protel is an EDA tool not
a 3D CAD package. I don't expect it to be. I use it for what it is intended,
not for what is not intended. Ergo, I use the 3D export utility and change
programs to complete my intention. Similarily, I would not wear a parachute
to go SCUBA diving, nor vice versa.  Protel is an EDA package, don't expect
it to do your mechanical work. It provides a near useless 3D viewer, yes,
but if this propagates the usage of another program to which the transition
is seamless, then perhaps it has had some use after all. I digress, Protel
should not expand the 3D viewers functionality, it should embed the export
utility to a plethora of 3D programs and/or generic transform genres. STEP,
IGES etc..

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Hi Lloyd,
        your comments are very true for the Desktop-EDA package. However I
think some of the points expressed were misunderstood. The 'Protel' "viewer"
is a toy with virtually no useful purpose. Protel needs to align themselves
with the industry and develop a true 3D mechanical interface (sorry forget
the acronym) rather then a "viewer". The Protel viewer is useless,
absolutely useless. Would ACAD, Solidworks or any other get away with a
pretty viewer in their products, no you need output suitably formatted for
inclusion in the next level of development tools? Showing a pretty picture
(even one with user defined models) serves no measurable useful purpose.
This is what I think some of the other posters have been trying to say. The
Qual-ECAD or Desktop-EDA tools are a proper path for 3D development, not a
simple Protel viewer.

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