The bug -- yes, there is a bug -- involves some behavior that I have not 
seen described before.

If a footprint pad holding net data is moved outside the workspace, the net 
data for the pad is effectively gone *except* that the pad itself, if moved 
back into the workspace, edit dialog will show the net which it held 
before. This net is *not* restored however, as far as other aspects of the 
program are concerned. No connection line is formed (note that if the pad 
did *not* lose net recognition, it would be trivial to notice net-bearing 
pads outside of workspace, because there would be a connection line 
extending out there (if connection lines could handle the coordinates 
without crashing or failing).

If a pad is outside the workspace, Update PCB does load the pad with the 
net, but this net is not recognised (as with pads which held a net before 
being moved out).

The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. If PCB Update did 
not recognize footprints and pads outside the workspace, then it would 
place a new footprint and the component outside the workspace would be a 
nuisance, perhaps, but not a DRC problem.

Suggestion to Protel (if it is still relevant with the new version): DRC 
should generate an error message for any primitives outside of the 
workspace, warning that Connectivity DRC will not be reliable. This is the 
simplest fix.

Improvements: provide an easy tool for bringing all primitives back inside 
the workspace, or for deleting them. We know how to do this, but this is a 
constant irritant for new users.

Update should not load pads which are outside the workspace; it should 
preferably show an error.
Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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