Hello Everyone:

I'll pass on an experience I had with Mentor (Veribest). At a previous job,
I was managing the CAD dept for a company and we decided to step up to a
"high end" system. I had the responsibility of choosing which CAD system the
company would purchase.

There were basically two main players at that time and they were Mentor and
Cadence.  I did my research and was leaning towards Mentor (they were in the
middle of taking over Veribest at the time) mainly because of the Veribest's
impressive interactive router and the fact that Cadence, at that time, still
needed some work integrating all of software products they recently acquired
and crammed into their system.  Both companies put on very impressive demos
and Mentor even took one of our old PADs designs and imported it into their
system to show us that we would be able to maintain our old designs with the
new software.

The Mentor salesman was like a "Mississippi Leg Hound" calling a couple
times a day, pressuring us to give him a P.O. because the takeover was going
to raise prices (after all $80k for two seats is such a good deal....
right?).  Once the P.O. was placed, the salesman was nowhere to be found.
The support we received from Mentor, after the purchase was made, was less
than stellar and I came away with a feeling like I had just been had by a
sleazy car salesman.

The software is powerful, but it is also a very difficult to learn how to
operate all those "bells and whistles".  After about a year (and much
frustration), the PCB designers finally felt they were getting up to speed
on the software (these were two very experienced and competent designers, by
the way).  Getting the first few boards out was brutal.

The experience made me really appreciate the value of Protel (even with all
her faults), although the recent jumps in Protel's pricing and this ATS
foolishness are beginning to make me wonder how long it will last .......

Cliff Gerhard, P.E.
E-M Designs, Inc.

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Hello All,

I was invited to attend a workshop with Mentor Graphics Expedition series.
This is  a PC based, schematic capture and pcb layout. Needless to say quite
impressive and even more impressive was the price.  The full set of Sch and
pcb tool with the features you need to make it work was around 36K.


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