I did not write what Mr. Watnoski attributed to me. Rather it was written 
by Mr. Elson in response to my own post. I did not think that the problem 
had anything to do with resolution, Mr. Watnoski was quite explicit in his 
first post that it was an arc rotation extent problem. The arc is correct 
on the PCB but is not correct in the gerber, as seen by several viewers.

Mr. Elson's question about protel import was a good one, however. If Protel 
imports the gerber and the arcs are correct, we probably have a case of 
differing interpretations of the gerber code. It would likewise be 
interesting to see what CAMtastic shows. (CAMtastic is really an 
independent program even though it is now sold by Altium/Protel.)

No one has come forward with a similar report. At this point, I will 
underline one of my first comments: it would be useful to see the Gerber 
output code. I described in my last post in this thread a means of 
obtaining a test PCB file that could be shared, and the gerber code itself, 
which would be only one or a few lines, could be included in a post.

If we have a test pcb, a small file which shows the problem for Mr. 
Watnoski, it will be possible to verify the issue, or the converse, to show 
that the file plots properly for the rest of us. That file could be sent to 
me personally as an attachment, I could put it up on the protel-users 
filespace. *Don't try to send attachments to the list.* Bad Feng Shui.

(For a long time, the list would forward attachments. Eventually, Techserv 
figured out that this put a huge burden on the mail server when someone 
attached a couple of megabyte file to a post, which then was copied to a 
thousand list members, plus it was poor security -- viruses and all -- and 
bad policy in general and turned the option off.)

A possible workaround is to use software arcs, that is, check the box and 
allow Protel to generate the arcs as a proliferation of line segments. The 
only practical difference is the size of the gerber files, which will not 
be exhorbitantly larger with software arcs unless there are a *lot* of arcs....

If the problem still exists with software arcs, we have a bug or trashed 
installation on a whole different level....

At 02:49 PM 6/14/2002 -0400, Watnoski, Michael wrote:
>Greetings All,
>         I am generating the Gerbers at 2.4 imp.  The problem does not seem
>to be a round off type, rather the arc portion of the poured polygon around
>a pad continues for a full 360 degrees.  I did not have to import the
>Gerbers back to Protel.  I checked them with several independent viewers.  I
>ran the Gerber generation several times while swapping from software arcs
>and back.  The problem only exists when 'Use Software Arcs' in not checked.
>Michael Watnoski
>Abd ulRahman Lomax wrote:
>One thing he should try is to regenerate the Greber files at the highest
>numeric resolution (2.5).  Roundoff errors could cause the described
>problem if the arcs were small.  He doesn't mention whether importing
>the gerber files back into Protel shows the problem, or doesn't.
>That might be useful info.
>* Tracking #: FFDE52F5867D3849AFE575C2EAB3D9620BCD8CAF

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